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[Webinar Series] How to Run a Successful Silent Auction

how to run a successful silent auction webinar

Silent auctions are a staple for most fundraising events. Not only do they give your supporters a fun and engaging way to donate to your cause, but they help increase your bottom line!

In this webinar, we discussed exactly how you can run your most successful silent auction ever, covering topics like:

  • Incorporating mobile fundraising technology into your silent auction
  • Reaching a larger audience and engaging a larger donor base
  • Finding the most unique and exciting silent auction items at no risk

We also had a special guest co-host from Philantopia. Philantopia offers non-profits unique auction ideas for your live or online auction, focusing on amazing travel packages and exciting event experiences.

So click below to view our webinar recording and learn how you can use these tips and strategies to raise more money than ever with your next silent auction.

  • Original Recording Date: September 26th, 2018
  • Time: 11am EST
  • Length: 45 minutes



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