The Modern Philanthropist: Staying Connected

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In today’s world,  staying connected online and socially is how you stay relevant. Whether it’s about updates on what your friends are doing tonight, the latest score of your favorite sports team, or even posting a picture of the meal that you just ate, staying connected matters.Because instant updates and connectivity have become so widespread, it is no surprise that they have also fundamentally changed philanthropy and fundraising.And that brings us to our first quality of the Modern Philanthropist: Staying Connected.

Staying Current with the Causes You Identify With

Traditionally, a philanthropist or supporter of worthy cause may receive a few updates a year on the progress that their foundation or cause has been making.  They may even be lucky enough to receive monthly newsletters, but there is still an absence of true participation due to a lack of consistent communication.Now consider the Modern Philanthropist - a millennial professional who is constantly connected via social media, internet updates, and events.Their ability to stay connected allows for Real-Time updates on the cause they are supporting.  Whether this be from a new blog posted by their favorite foundation, or an Instagram post from a friend raising money by running a marathon, the Modern Philanthropist has greater access, participation, and touch points with relevant causes.  By staying connected, the Modern Philanthropist maintains a closer relationship to the causes that they follow.Do you have what it takes to be a Modern Philanthropist?  Continue reading our Modern Philanthropist series to find out!

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