Feature Announcement: Custom Emails & Donation Enhancements

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Our June feature announcements include the ability to create custom emails, a donation option during ticketing checkout, and more!

1. Custom Emails

Our new contact module not only allows you to upload your contacts, but will also allow you to craft and schedule custom emails that you can send in order to promote your event!

2. Donation at Ticket Checkout

With our new donation at checkout feature, ticket buyers can submit a donation during the checkout process, having the donation amount charged at the same time as ticket purchase.

3.  Additional Ticket Type Functionality

Our enhanced ticket type functionality will allow you to create new ticket bundles including tables and sponsorship tickets.

4. Add to Calendar Feature

The add to calendar feature will allow your guests and supporters to quickly add your event to their calendar (applies to calendars for Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple).

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