Feature Update: Discount Code Links, Transferable Tickets, Assigned Seating for Recurring Events

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Wondering what’s new on Accelevents? Get up to speed by checking out the latest and greatest feature updates from May 2019

Hidden fields for ticket orders. Allow admins to keep track of data for attendees.

On the Registration –> Order Form page for your event you can create a question that is hidden. This means that only admins will be able to see that field when viewing/editing an order. This can be useful if you want to keep track of information for a guest like a table number, VIP status, or anything else that is important to you but that you do not want the buyer to be required to enter when purchasing the ticket.

Ability to transfer a ticket from one session date to another

Oops, one of your guests bought tickets for the wrong night of your event! Not to worry, now you can now quickly and easily transfer the ticket to the correct date/time. To transfer an order, just find the ticket order on the Attendees –> Order page and click the dropdown to transfer the order to the correct event.

Recurring events added for assigned seating events

Why limit the fun? Our recurring events tool can now be used for any event type, even those with assigned seats. This is perfect for theaters, comedy clubs, or any venue that hosts scheduled events with assigned seating. Turn it on in the Event Details module in your Admin Console.

Ability to collect pictures such as headshot for badges during ticketing registration

Need to know who’s who? Guests can now add photos when registering, allowing you to put a face with a name. You can even upload the headshots to your CRM! Collecting headshots during event registration also makes it easy to print name badges.

Redesigned event registration email

Guess who got a facelift? Our new event registration email is more streamlined and user-friendly, making it even easier for your guests to find important information about their tickets and your event. They can even add your event to their calendar or Apple wallet by clicking the designated links in the email. Check it out below!

Ability to create links to send access & discount codes so that the buyer does not need to enter that information

Make it even easier for guests to check out using the discount and access codes that you’ve created. You can now create shareable links to your event website where the codes are already applied. Find the link by going to Registration → Discount Codes and clicking on the “Link” icon that is on the corresponding code.

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