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Saturday, November 7th marked the date of the 2nd Annual Fall Formal Fundraiser, held in Boston, MA. In their second year organizing the Fall Formal, Accevelents co-founders Jon Kazarian and Zach Hagopian aimed to donate a substantial amount to their organization of choice, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  With over 1,000 people in attendance, the team utilized the Accelevents platform to socialize their mobile raffle early, encourage self-purchase of mobile raffle tickets, and gain the support of millennial donors in support of their cause.


Raised prior to event


Raised in total from raffle


Increase in proceeds from previous year

In the fundraiser’s inaugural year, the team donated an admirable $65,000 to the Dana-Farber.  With more experience under their belts, a great committee in place, and an amazing mobile fundraising platform at their disposal, the team was confident that they could do even better in 2015.

Held at the Boston Children’s Museum, this year’s event comprised of over 1,000 Boston and New York-area young professionals.  With a predominantly millennial audience and the aspiration to raise a large amount of donations from their raffle, the Fall Formal team knew they would need to do something unique.

As Co-Founders of Accelevents and hosts of the Fall Formal, Jon and Zach knew that a mobile raffle on the Accelevents platform would offer them the opportunity to make a large monetary contribution to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, while maintaining the interest of their millennial donors.  Some of the features the team took advantage of included:

  • Online raffle ticket purchase / Self-Purchase by Attendees
  • Item promotion via social media
  • Text Message Bidding and Online Bidding
  • Easy tracking – proceeds, prize winners, etc.

The biggest advantages that the Accelevents platform created for the Fall Formal Fundraiser were the ability to garner online raffle ticket purchases and the platform’s online bidding and text message bidding capabilities.  These features allowed the Fall Formal Committee to socialize their raffle an entire week before the physical event.  Attendees (or people who were unable to attend the event) could then purchase their raffle tickets online prior to attending the event. Before the Fall Formal on Saturday, the team had already raised over $4,000 through online raffle ticket sales!

On the night of the fundraiser, online raffle ticket purchase helped even more.  Because the event was so large, volunteer ticket sales would be difficult.  Online raffle ticket purchase allowed each fundraiser attendee to purchase their own tickets using their phone and a credit card, resulting in a HUGE uplift in ticket sales.

After tickets were purchased, Accelevents’ online bidding and text message bidding features allowed guests to submit their bids from anywhere in the venue rather than having to visit a physical raffle table or room.  

With an upgraded mobile fundraising platform, the 2nd Annual Fall Formal Fundraiser was a massive success.  Online ticket purchase and mobile bidding led to a 79% increase in proceeds raised through the raffle compared to the event’s previous year.

The funds raised from the raffle provided a huge boost to the overall fundraiser and were a significant factor in helping the Fall Formal team donate over $100,000 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Furthermore, the online raffle proved effective in captivating an audience of millennial donors, setting up massive potential for their fundraiser next year!

Interested in learning more about text-message and online raffles?  Head to our Raffles page for more information!

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